Russian hackers may be involved to crack the secret files of the Bundestag

Российские хакеры могут быть причастными ко взлому секретных файлов Бундестага

Russian hackers could use cyber attacks to crack the secret documents of the committees of the Bundestag, which was released by Wikileaks. The likelihood of such version of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said a source in the German intelligence services, writes DW.

Secret documents of the Committee of the Bundestag that is investigating large-scale surveillance by the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA, appeared on Wikileaks due to the attack by Russian hackers on the IT system of the Bundestag in the spring of 2015.

Documents published on the Wikileaks website December 1. They date back to the period from spring 2014 to January 2015. They were stored on the server of the administration of the Bundestag. Access to them had a MPs, members of the Committee for the NSA.

In may 2015, Wikileaks had posted some of the documents of the Committee of the Bundestag NSA. Then the network got the statements given in the period from may to February 2014-2015.

German intelligence agencies have noticed that Wikileaks has published documents that appeared after a hacker attack in the spring of 2015. In addition, published materials were the lowest level of secrecy.

More important documents with restricted access are not stored on the servers, members of the Committee had the opportunity to read them only in the special secret room in the building of the Bundestag. According to German experts, all it says is that Wikileaks released the documents with high probability – namely, those materials which were stolen during a hacking attack on the Bundestag in the spring of last year, the responsibility for which lay on Russia.

German law enforcement authorities also see Parallels between this fact and the publication by Wikileaks of compromising Democratic party of the United States after a hacker attack, which, as suggested by American and German intelligence services also is Russia.