Russian JCCC confirmed that the fighters of tomorrow will give 7 hours on a water pipe repair in Turecka – zhebrivskyi

Российская СЦКК подтвердила, что боевики завтра дадут 7 часов на ремонт водопровода в Торецке, - Жебривский

Residents of Terezka left without water, 26 Nov 2016.

The Russian side in the Joint coordination center for ceasefire (JCCC) gave written confirmation that the militants of the breakaway republics in the East of Ukraine tomorrow will adhere to the ceasefire in the area of Turecka. About this Facebook informs the head of the Donetsk HAV Pavel Zhebrivsky.

The militants will not conduct attacks tomorrow, 29 November, from 09:00 to 16:00 in order to enable the Ukrainian side to carry out repairs on a water pipe near Turecka.

“In the morning our maintenance crews and MES begin work,” said zhebrivskyi.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Donetsk CAA reported that on repair of 900 mm pipe, which is located in the gray zone, you need 2-3 days.

Recall, November 26 residents of Terezka left without water, as a result of artillery shelling of the militants were damaged section of conduit “Gorlovka – Toreck”.

At the headquarters of ATO stated that due to the lack of supply in Taracke the city was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The militants did not give permission for the repair of the plumbing, so the water in the city brought 18 cars.