Russian spacecraft “Progress” crashed, the wreckage fell in the area of Tuva

Российский космический корабль "Прогресс" разбился, обломки упали в районе Тувы

Space cargo ship “Progress”

Russian spacecraft “Progress MS-04” crashed, the wreckage fell in the area of Tuva. This information was published resources “RIA Novosti” and “TASS” with reference to own sources in law enforcement agencies.

It is noted that the information about the area of falling of fragments “Progress MC-04” received from eyewitnesses, at the moment it is checked.

“Witnesses saw flames in the area of the settlement. ishtii-Khem Tuva, where I could drop the wreckage” – said the interlocutor of “TASS”.

Another source in the space industry – said that the debris could have fallen on Altai.

Later came the official information from “Roscosmos”. The Corporation confirmed that as a result of emergency situations, the loss of THC occurred at the height of about 190 km over a remote unpopulated mountainous territory of the Republic of Tuva, and most of the fragments burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

“The state Commission conducts an analysis of the current emergency situation. The loss of the cargo ship will not affect the normal operations of the ISS and the life of the station crew,” added the Corporation

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We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Russian spaceship “Progress” has lost contact with the Ground. It was assumed that he lost.