Russian TV channels have confirmed the presence of its employees in the crashed Tu-154

Российские телеканалы подтвердили нахождение своих сотрудников в упавшем Ту-154

On Board crashed in the Black sea Tu-154 had been, among other passengers, three members of the “First channel”. About it RBC said the Director of the Directorate of public relations Larissa Crmov.

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In addition, the aircraft were journalists of TV channel “Zvezda” and the Alexandrov ensemble

On Board crashed in the Black sea Tu-154 there were three employees “the First channel” — correspondent Dmitry Rankov, operator Dmitry Denisov and sound engineer Alexander Saidov.

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In addition, the Deputy chief of song and dance Ensemble behalf Alexandrov the Russian defense Ministry confirmed RBC information about the location of the crew on Board the Tu-154. The TV channel “Star” also reports about the presence of journalists on the plane.

Recall that in the Black sea, found the wreckage of the missing Tu-154.