Russians get richer, the Ukrainians lose. The Forbes

Россияне богатеют, украинцы теряют. Рейтинг Forbes

Rinat Akhmetov

Russian rich men have been able to overcome the pressure of sanctions.

A new rating of billionaires Forbes showed that for the rich Russian crisis has ended – after an unsuccessful period beginning in 2014 due to sanctions, their condition again began to grow.

What can be said about Ukrainians. In the Forbes list included six billionaires from Ukraine, of which only one newcomer. The status of other Ukrainian rich have remained largely unchanged.

In the world over the past year the number of billionaires increased by 233 persons – up to 2043, which was the largest increase for all history of rating Forbes.

In addition, the number of those whose condition has increased, surpassed the number of those, whose fortune declined by more than 33 percent.

Корреспондент.net decided to look into the changes for Ukrainian and Russian billionaires.


Bloomberg and Forbes parted in the assessment Akhmetov

State of Rinat Akhmetov, according to a new ranking by Forbes for the year doubled to $ 4.6 billion (compared with 2.3 billion in last year’s list).

Akhmetov has once again become the richest Ukrainian, finishing with 351-th place in the global ranking of billionaires. Thus, according to the count “in real time”, as the Ukrainian billionaire dropped to $ 4.4 billion.

The assessment Akhmetov according to another version index of billionaires from Bloomberg is much lower. According to Bloomberg, the Ukrainian oligarch is not included in the list of 500 richest businessmen, in which the minimum condition is approximately 3.64 billion.

According to Bloomberg, his fortune is $ 3.5 billion, this year it fell by more than a billion.

Besides Akhmetov, the global Forbes list included five businessmen from Ukraine.

The second place among Ukrainian billionaires is Gennady Bogolyubov with 1.4 billion dollars, in the global ranking it is 1468 place. Bogolyubov is the founder and co-owner of the largest Ukrainian financial-industrial group Privat. Compared to last year, his condition changed at about $ 100 million.

With 1.2 billion dollars in the third place is the owner of MHP Yuri Kosyuk. Global rank 1678 it takes place. His fortune increased by $ 200 million.

On the same line is Konstantin Zhevago, co-owner of Ferrexpo, engaged in the extraction of iron ore. Last year his fortune was estimated at 431 million dollars in a new ranking of 1.2 billion.

In 1795 line is another co-owner of Privat group, ex-Governor of the Dnieper region, Igor Kolomoisky and founder of investment group EastOne Victor Pinchuk. Their fortune is estimated at $ 1.1 billion. Kolomoisky lost $ 200 million, Pinchuk – 100 million.


Russian billionaires are getting richer again

The rating included 96 Russian businessmen, the General condition which is 386 billion dollars. Last year the Russians in the Speke was only 77, and their combined wealth is less than 286 billion.

The main source of Russian wealth remains the world prices for raw materials. In the top ten of the richest Russians are all associated with oil and gas, steel and metals, coal and fertilizers.

It is worth noting that according to the American Institute of world economy Peterson name in Russia, 64 percent of the billionaires became owners of this wealth because of political connections and proximity to raw materials.

Russia also has the highest rate of income inequality: 62 percent of the national wealth belongs to dollar millionaires and 26 percent – billionaires.

The condition of the richest Russian Leonid Mikhelson has grown for 2016, four billion dollars and amounted to 18.4 billion.

He owns a 25 percent stake in the largest private Russian gas company NOVATEK and 34% in the chemical holding company SIBUR. Global rank Mikhelson has occupied 46-e a place.

All of the richest Russian businessmen has increased his fortune for the year by at least one billion dollars.

Faster all rich Alexey Mordashov, who owns steel and mining company Severstal, whose assets are in Ukraine, and Vladimir Lisin, owner of Novolipetsk metallurgical combine (Russia’s largest).

State mordasheva increased by 61 percent to 17.5 billion dollars and he took second place among rich men of Russia. Lisin was razbogatel to 16.1 billion dollars or 73 percent and took third place.

The wealth of the Russians before declined for three consecutive years due to Western sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea, and lower commodity prices. But in 2016, the cost of raw materials has passed to growth.

The status of Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov, who largely depend on market conditions, metals, increased, respectively, 1.5 and 1.3 milliard dollars. Next comes the main owner of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine Victor Rashnikov, who have increased their wealth more than doubled to 8.3 billion.

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