Rutte: the Netherlands elections said stop populism

Рютте: Голландия на выборах сказала стоп популизму

The enemy is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Geert Wilders conceded defeat, but said that Rutte of him “not getting off”.

Won the elections, Prime Minister mark Rutte representing the people’s party for freedom and democracy, thanked his supporters for the election voted “against populism”, Interfax reports.

“Apparently, the people’s party for freedom and democracy for the third time in a row will be the largest party in the Netherlands”, – said the Prime Minister, speaking to supporters in the Hague.

“It was the evening when Netherlands after Brexit and elections in America said “stop” harmful kind of populism,” − said Rutte.

According to the results of counting 54 % of the vote, party Rutte will receive 32 out of 150 seats in Parliament, and the far-right freedom Party headed by Geert Wilders – 19.

Wilders was forced to admit that was defeated in the parliamentary elections. According to him, he expected that his party “will be the most representative” in Parliament, noting that it was possible to increase the number of seats in the legislature.

At the same time Wilders has expressed readiness to start negotiations on forming a coalition, but promised that in Parliament his party will take a tough oppositional stance.

“Vote for the Party of freedom − thank you. We won seats, the first victory won. While rutte was rid of me,” Wilders wrote on Twitter.

Recall that according to exit polls the victory in the parliamentary election was won by the party of the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands received 31 seats in Parliament out of 150.

Earlier it was reported that the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine may get jeopardized in case of a victory on elections of the Dutch Parliament right.