Ryabchin: Parliament may not be enough votes for an exception Savchenko from the PACE delegation

Рябчин: В парламенте может не хватить голосов за исключение Савченко из делегации ПАСЕ

MP from the “Batkivshchyna” Oleksiy Ryabchin in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 07.12.2016

In Parliament may not be enough votes with the exception of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko from the PACE delegation. About it the correspondent of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Oleksiy Ryabchin.

“I understand that our colleagues in Parliament has any desire to exclude it (Savchenko – ed.) of the delegation of the PACE, because in fact it has fulfilled its mission. She wasn’t supposed to be in the PACE, as she has no international experience. Its put on there to pull out of Russia. Therefore, it was this decision that today will be on the agenda. The only thing I’m worried today will not be so many members. It seems to me that even today would not be productive of votes. I could be wrong, but the feelings may be so,” says Ryabchin.

Note that today lie plans to address the issue on membership of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko in PACE.

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