Ryaboshapka fired from the GPU of the Gorbatyuk

Рябошапка уволил из ГПУ Горбатюка

The order of dismissal of the Gorbatyuk yet

The attorney General had no legal circumstances for dismissal, said Gorbatyuk.

The public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka fired the head of the Department of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk. This information Wednesday, October 23, he Gorbatyuk confirmed up.

“Reported from personnel today, the Prosecutor General signed an order of dismissal. Invited to see. While not familiar with the order. In any case, it is outside the law, that is, no legal circumstances for dismissal was not. The Office of public Prosecutor could not take it, but to dismiss was not the reason,” – said Gorbatyuk.

He believes that is dismissed as “inconvenient” for the new leadership of the GPU.

“They, in this case, likened me to the prosecutors, that those who have not applied are liable to dismissal,” – said Gorbatyuk.

Note, the Office of special investigations of the GPU was developed as a single centre for the investigation of all crimes committed during the protests in Ukraine. Among its main tasks is the investigation of the usurpation of power and the whole complex of criminal acts committed during the rule of President Viktor Yanukovych. The number one priority of management – the investigation of mass killings of the participants of peaceful protests on February 18-20, 2014.

As you know, the GPU began a large-scale perefectly prosecutors.

Earlier it became known that the re-certification in the attorney General’s Office did not allow more than 200 prosecutors GPU. Including Sergey Gorbatyuk.

Recall, September 25, entered into force the law on reform of the GPU. The law has a provision on the increase of salaries of prosecutors in the amount of 15 minimum, and recertification of Agency staff, in addition to a Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.


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