Saakashvili spoke about his new work

Саакашвили рассказал о своей новой работе

Saakashvili is happy with her new team

The politician said he would lecture at the Dutch Academy. However, he hoped soon to return to politics and to implement reforms.

The head of the Ukrainian Rukh party and ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili said that he had found a new job – he will lecture in the Netherlands. About this politician said on his page in Facebook on Saturday, April 7th.

“I agreed with the Academy speakers of the Netherlands on cooperation. While I’m in Europe, I’ll make a living giving lectures. The Academy is very excellent team, they impressed me a good knowledge of our region and the right values,” – wrote Saakashvili.

However, the politician expressed hope that this phase will not last long and he soon re-engaged in politics.

“I hope that long lecture I don’t have, and the experience will not be used for lectures, and for the removal of oligarchs from power and real reformation,” – concluded Saakashvili.

At the end of March, Saakashvili said that he was preparing to return to Ukraine. Earlier, he called the Georgian party to regain power in Georgia.


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