Saakashvili: the Action, under the Parliament will last until November

Саакашвили: Акция под Радой продлится до ноября

Saakashvili’s national Assembly in Central Kiev

In the next two weeks on the Constitution square in Kiev planned discussion and communication between protesters.

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili said that the action near the Verkhovna Rada, which began on 17 October and will last until early November, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

In a speech at the Constitution square on October 22, Saakashvili said that the protest will continue “at least until the next plenary week” − November 7.

According to him, over the next two weeks on the Constitution square will be held “seminars and discussions” and communication between the participants of the protest action.

“In the next weeks before the session (Verkhovna Rada) … we need to rebuild this site in a very quiet, powerful, safe place”, − he stressed.

Saakashvili also said that he intends to visit a number of Ukrainian cities, “to convey his vision of what is happening in the country and suggestions for improving the situation.”

As reported Корреспондент.neton 17 October near the Verkhovna Rada gathered about four thousand people. The protesters demanded, in particular, to abolish parliamentary immunity, to create anti-corruption court and to introduce proportional electoral system with open lists.

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