Saakashvili took a selfie in the cap of the Ukrainian border guard

Саакашвили сделал селфи в фуражке украинского пограничника

The Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration (RSA) Mikheil Saakashvili on the occasion of Day of the frontier guard has published on his page in Facebook photo of yourself in the cap of the Ukrainian border guard.

Also the head of the Odessa regional state administration told about his service in the Soviet border troops, which took place on the territory of Ukraine.

“I was a border guard in Soviet times, when they called me after the first year of the University of Kiev, but my emergency service fully took place in Ukraine, and almost all of my co-workers were Ukrainians. It was in the army I first heard real Ukrainian from the village lads, many of whom are still my friends. I remember well how humane we were treated Ukrainian officers than was very different from the officers sent from the RSFSR. One of them, the mayor of Moscow, head of the political Department in chop, even wrote me a report-a denunciation in a particular Department, accusing me of political unreliability, and the head of the checkpoint, where I was transferred, Ukrainian, Colonel Shandruk, somehow catching this document, introduced me to this “secret” report and tore it right in front of me,” wrote Saakashvili.

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He congratulated border guards with their professional holiday, noting that “while the enemy stubbornly continues not to recognize our borders, your mission is doubly important.”

Earlier, Saakashvili declared about intention to return to his native Georgia.