“Saboteurs” from Ukraine expands its geography

"Диверсанты" из Украины расширяют свою географию

In Belarus say that prepared the “militants” and got to them.

Belarus said that the arrested Ukrainian “saboteurs” who were preparing armed provocations in the country.

It happened on the eve of another protest in Belarus, which in recent years are actively held in the country.

Earlier, the Ukrainian saboteurs detained in Russia.

Correspondent.net understood what accused the Ukrainians.

Who was detained?

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the arrest of several dozen armed militants who were preparing the country’s armed provocations.

“We have a few dozen (militants) were detained. Not those in buses, anarchists with masks, who trained in the camps with weapons. By the way, one of the camps was in Bobruisk and Osipovichi. The rest camps in Ukraine. In my opinion, in Lithuania or in Poland – I will not say, but somewhere in there,” – said Lukashenko.

“We are literally in these hours was detained a few dozen militants who were preparing a provocation with weapons,” – said the President of Belarus.

The President noted that subsequently the public will be provided with fuller information about this fact. He also spoke about how law enforcement was able to learn about the existence of such plans.

“Thank you for the Byelorussians and the girls are real, that being abroad in the European Union – warned us. A woman came to the Embassy and warned, officially wrote a letter: a provocation. And we began to understand. And really came to some very interesting things,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

According to Lukashenko, now we have to understand in details where did the money who were engaged in the preparation from which countries came the people concerned.

The context of the events

On the eve of Lukashenko accused the “fifth column” trying to destabilize the situation in the country.

Belarus the greatest concern the attempts of modern methods of confrontation, confrontation to escalate the situation inside the country and lead it against the appropriate action, he said.

“This refers to the attempt of our “fifth column” with the support, again, we fix it, I’ve no absolutely not intimidated, funding Western foundations and the leadership of the Western intelligence thugs who fled abroad – an attempt to escalate the situation in Belarus”, – said the President of Belarus.

In March in the cities of Belarus are held weekly “marches natureade”.

The protesters demanded to cancel the decision of President Lukashenko about the annual lump sum fee in the amount calculated in approximately 200 euros which must be paid by all citizens, not working more than 180 days in a year.

Because of the protests until the decree is suspended.

Russian propaganda?

Previously, the appearance of Ukrainian “spies” in Belarus predicted on Russian state television.

So, on the TV channel “Zvezda” of the Ministry of defense of Russia in the end of 2016 came the story that the “Ukrainian punishers” the Ukrainian authorities are going to throw in Minsk to overthrow Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

“Saboteurs in the Crimea

In the late summer of last year, the Russian FSB reported on the alleged prevention in the Crimea the attacks prepared by the intelligence service of Ukraine.

In particular, it was noted that on 7 and 8 August were prevented several attempts of a breakthrough in the Crimea “subversive and terrorist group” on the Ukrainian territory.

According to the FSB, was detained one of the organizers – the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area the staff of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Yevgeniy Panov. He made a confession. However, relatives of the Ukrainian stated that testimony was extracted under torture.

According to Russian special services, provided the work of a subversive group the inhabitant of the Crimea Andrey Sahta. During the search of his car in the spare wheel was discovered three kilograms of explosives, grenades, SIM cards and phones. Native Sahaja claim that he is an ordinary taxi driver, not a saboteur.

Ukraine has denied reports of the FSB about the Ukrainian saboteurs in Russia. The defense Ministry called the same baseless accusations of the Russian side in the shelling of the Peninsula with mainland Ukraine.

In early November 2016 in Sevastopol, was detained three Ukrainian citizens suspected of preparing acts of sabotage in the Crimea.

They were allegedly chevrons the Ukrainian military units, officers ‘ epaulettes, a card of the Right sector and sets of camouflage clothing.

The arrest of saboteurs allegedly allowed to find on the Peninsula two caches with weapons, but also to identify the informants of the Ukrainian intelligence in the Crimea.

In late November he was arrested two more defendants in the case of preparing acts of sabotage in Crimea — Colonel Alexei Stogniy and captain 2 rank Gleb Shabliy.

The speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko commented on the information about the arrest of Ukrainians in Crimea: “the FSB just came in the military Commissariat, where are the records of these reserve officers to raise them and then publicly appoint “Ukrainian saboteurs”. It is clear that these people have some sort of training, but they are not real soldiers, including APU.”