Saint Barbara day: Traditions and superstitions

День святой Варвары: Традиции и приметы

Saint Barbara

In Ukraine, 17 Dec revered Saint Barbara, the patroness of women.

Saint Barbara was born in the city of Heliopolis, in Asia Minor. Mother Barbara died early, and the child remained in education of the father heathen. From childhood, Barbara thought about the Christian truths, and his father, seeing the apostate tendencies of his daughter, passed it on to local authorities. Seeing the vitality of the girl in views, the authorities subjected her to severe torture, but the next morning, Barbara woke up with no wounds on his body. Angry, the Emperor Maximilian had ordered her father to kill daughter with a sword. Thus, the great Martyr Varvara, is not renouncing his beliefs, he died at the hands of a once-loving father.

In the IV century the relics of the Holy great Martyr Barbara were transferred to Constantinople, where he kept as a Shrine for many centuries. The Byzantine Emperor Leo the Wise built in her honour the famous temple of SV. Barbara. In 1108 the daughter of the Emperor Alexius Comnenus, Barbara married the Grand Prince of Kiev Svyatopolk Izyaslavich. It is transported the Holy relics of St. Barbarians from Constantinople to Kiev in the Golden-domed St Michael’s monastery. There they were kept until the destruction of the temple by the Bolsheviks in 1939, the Believers, the people of Kiev had saved the relic and moved it to the Cathedral of St. Vladimir, where she now rests.

However, the Catholic Church implies that the Holy relics can be in Spain, which came through Venice after the robbery by the crusaders of Constantinople.

Barbara’s day in Ukraine is celebrated only by women. It is in the Slavic culture, along with the Sava (December 18) and Nicholas (19 December) has created a whole ritual complex. In this day consecrate water and serve memorial services for the dead.

On the day Barbara was taken to go for water to the ice-hole well-dressed and well-combed, to greet and to talk with her as live. This water ritual cooked porridge left in the pot overnight and the solidified crust was tried on the welfare of the family and yield the following year.

The day of Barbara’s sin, to wash, to bleach the clay to knead. You can only embroider, as popular legend has it that Saint Barbara was a skilled seamstress and embroidered robe Jesus himself.

On this holiday girls prepared dumplings with poppy seeds or cheese. Among them must be “perjury” – dumplings stuffed with flour. Boiled dumplings were treated to the boys, watching closely who gets “pirhan”. Loser who pulled out a dumpling for a long time and teased – “pirun”. Also on this day the girls cut branches from the cherries and put into the water: if the branches bloom on Christmas day, it foreshadowed the imminent marriage.

Notice also the meteorological conditions, because on this day determines what will be the weather for Christmas. Thick frost foretold the future crop of fruit. “If in December, Barbara marsh, winter will be as red as gold.”

December 17 is considered the “turning to spring”, but it was on this day usually come at the beginning of the most severe frosts “Came Uruha – take care of the nose and ear.” If the sky at night in the stars – expect a cold winter if it is dim to heat. Finally, try not to sleep today, because who sleeps at the barbarian, will be sleepy all year.

Since ancient times, and still Saint Barbara is highly respected not only in Ukraine but also in other European countries. Representatives of the heavy and risky professions always try to honor the great Martyr. Pilots, drivers, soldiers, before you go on a trip, be sure to take with me the icon of St. Barbara.

Saint Barbara (or Barbara) is also considered the patroness of miners all over the world. Her art and sculptures can be found not only in numerous churches, but also in mines (mines) in many European countries and also among cultural heritage objects rock art.

This Holy in the eyes of miners is an example of courage, defiance and firmness in the faith. These qualities, which are also characteristic of most miners, did Barbara their patron and protector. In Georgia, Saint Barbara is considered the patroness of children.