Sales leader: Huawei P smart+ has caused a stir among Ukrainian consumers

Лидер продаж: смартфон Huawei P smart+ вызвал ажиотаж среди украинских потребителей

The impressive list of flagship characteristics of the smartphone, usually suggests that it’s too expensive and you have no money for such a purchase.

The appearance of Huawei P smart+ proves you don’t have to buy the most expensive smartphone to get a unique gradient color case, 4 cameras, energy-efficient processor and artificial intelligence in one device.

Huawei P smart+, the price of which is UAH 7 999, is to become the number one choice among contemporary users.


Trend design

The design and color of the case, of course, the first thing that attracts smart Huawei P+. Experts Huawei has set a new trend in the design of the smartphone, creating a gradient color for the back panels.

Not surprisingly, the model in this color scheme became the champion by quantity of sales. So, for the first two days after the release of P smart+ on the market pre-ordered the device was completely sold out in all retail networks of Ukraine. And 70% of all smartphones were bought in exclusive gradient color Iris Purple.

Лидер продаж: смартфон Huawei P smart+ вызвал ажиотаж среди украинских потребителей



So, inspired by the spectacular success, Iris Purple, 1 October, the manufacturer has announced the release of the Ukrainian market of Huawei P smart+ bold white color. Pearl white color is reminiscent of the iridescent elegance of pearl shells.


Smart camera

Huawei P smart+ artificial intelligence which helps in creating high-quality images with minimal effort. Dual camera (16 MP + 2 MP) recognizes more than 500 shooting conditions in 22 different categories, and optimizes the image for the best shots. The camera conveys fine shades of color. In addition, Huawei smart P+ helps the user in creating a beautiful composition, Recalling the alignment of the line of the horizon or suggesting proportions when planning a group photo.

The smartphone also has the popular feature of video super-slow-motion (480 frames per second.


Master selfie

One of the distinguishing features of Huawei P smart+ is a dual front camera with a 24-megapixel main sensor and a 2-megapixel additional. Working in unison, the two cameras create the bokeh effect.

Artificial intelligence front-facing camera recognizes more than 200 shooting conditions in eight categories and automatically applies the most appropriate camera settings for the detected object.

Лидер продаж: смартфон Huawei P smart+ вызвал ажиотаж среди украинских потребителей



Huawei P smart+supports HDR shooting. That allows you to take pictures with perfect color reproduction, while maintaining the optimum balance of light and shadow. With this feature you will be able to avoid discolouration of the background.

With artificial intelligence and can be played. Seconds 3D Qmoji turn us into talking cat or the chameleon. Also, the smartphone is available, the augmented reality effects.


CPU new generation

Specifically for the Huawei P smart+ has created a new 8-core intelligent processor Kirin 710. This processor provides maximum energy efficiency of the device.

In Huawei P smart+ is also available GPU Turbo, which is 60% optimize graphics processing. This technology has a positive effect on the overall performance of the device.


The EMUI interface of the latest generation with support of artificial intelligence

Huawei P smart+ comes with a proprietary shell EMU I8.2 based on Android 8.2., which supports the entire range of functions of artificial intelligence. In addition to the smart photography, the smartphone has a smart image gallery that automatically sort our photos by category and finds them on request. The advantages of AI are obvious — for example, we instantly get the connection to the mobile network after exiting the Elevator or enjoy the conversation without interference. Artificial intelligence is also preduprejdayut smartphone its location after the entrance to the tunnel.

In summary, we can confidently assert is the flagship smartphone has ceased to be a luxury, becoming a desired and most importantly, affordable, the need for each.