Salido decided not to fight with Lomachenko

Салидо передумал драться с Ломаченко

Mexican boxer Orlando Salido (43-13-4, 30) seems to be trying to avoid a rematch with Vasyl Lomachenko (7-1, 5 KO’s).

Not so long ago it was reported that Orlando Salido, his next fight will be against Vasyl Lomachenko. Re Ukrainian-Mexican scramble is expected for a long time and with great interest, as the first fight between Salido and Lomachenko, in which the Ukrainian suffered his only defeat, left a lot of questions.

One of the dirtiest fights in recent years, in which Salido inflicted Ackermans 40 blows below the belt, still not haunted by the past, because Lomachenko is looking for revenge against experienced meksa.

What is not true about Salido, originally, Orlando had agreed to a rematch in the first months of 2017, but now his adviser reports that the Mexican team is more inclined to have another fight with Francisco Vargas (23-0-2, 17 KO’s).

Note that as for Salido and Vargas, their personal duel is marked as the last appearance in the ring. That June battle was perhaps the most spectacular of the year , and the judges in it are unable to give a preference to one of the fighters is a draw. Also add that whatever the fate of the negotiations about the repeated bout Salido-Vargas, the latter on 28 January appointed title defense against Miguel Bercinta (30-1, 27 KO’s).

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