Salido may refuse a rematch with Lomachenko

Салидо может отказаться от реванша с Ломаченко

Orlando Salido

Mexican boxer can fight in the undercard bout of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Conor McGregor.

The former world champion in two weight classes Orlando Salido may refuse to permit a rematch with the winner of the WBO in the second Featherweight Vasyl Lomachenko. It is reported by ESPN Deportes.

Alternative option for Mexican is a battle against the world champion under version IBF Cervante Davis, the next meeting which is scheduled for August 26 in Las Vegas in the undercard bout of the Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Conor McGregor.

It is also worth noting that eminent American is the promoter Cervante Davis.

Earlier it was reported that Orlando Salido agreed to a rematch with Vasyl Lomachenko.

According to the materials: