Salt lake city: Ulsby-Roseland came in first, Jim is in the top ten

Солт-Лейк-Сити: Ульсбю-Ройселанн прибежала первой, Джима - в десятке лучших

In addition to Julia end zone stopped another Ukrainian Yana Bondar.

Today, 14 February, completed the women’s sprint race in the eighth stage of the world Cup, which takes place in salt lake city, Utah.

First came the Norwegian March Olsby-Roseland behind her, conceding just 11.5 seconds, is a representative of Finland’s Kaisa Makarainen.

Third place was taken by athlete from Germany Franziska Hildebrand.

For the national team of Ukraine today appeared Yulia Jim, Ian Cooper, Nadezhda Belkina Maria Kruchov. Only Krokowa are involved in the pursuit.

In the points area ran only Jim and Cooper.

Julia had shot without a miss and finished in 10th position.

Cooper, fluff once on the rack, came 18th.

Nadezhda Belkina was not hit once in prone and standing and finished 54th.

Maria Kruchov also missed once on each of the stands, which it has placed at the 73rd position.

1. March Olsby-Rosseland (Norway) – 19.47,6 (0+0)
2. Kaisa Makarainen (Finland) – 11,5 (0+1)
3. Franziska Hildebrand (Germany) – 21,4 (0+0)…
10. Jim Yulia (Ukraine) – 55,2 (0+0)…
18. Jan Bondar (Ukraine) – 1.31,3 (0+1)…
54. Hope Belkin (Ukraine) – 2.48,6 (1+1)…
73. Maria Krutova (Ukraine) – 3.57,3 (1+1)

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