Samsung with the help of a program US turn Galaxy Note 7 in “bricks”

Samsung с помощью программы в США превратит Galaxy Note 7 в "кирпичи"

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is forcibly shut off in the US, all smartphones, Galaxy Note 7. The company will release a special software, which will make the device “useless”, according to NBC.

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According to the channel, the update will block phone charging, and connecting to mobile networks. It will completely deprive smartphones “ability to function as a mobile device,” the company said. The software will be sent to phones on December 19.

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Recall from buyers of Galaxy Note 7 has started receiving complaints about defective batteries exploding while charging, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Samsung first announced about the suspension of sales, and then to cease production of this phone. All owners of phones of this model offered to turn off and never use them.