Sanitra: Semenov on the turn worked fantastically

Санитра: Семенов на рубеже отработал фантастически

Juraj Sanitra satisfied individual race in Pokljuka.

Senior coach of the men’s national team of Ukraine on biathlon Juraj Sanitra commented on the results of the individual race in Pokljuka, where Sergey Semenov finished in sixth place.

“Semenov fled today, very cool, technically correct. Maybe not very quickly began on the first lap, but with each round added. On the turn he worked fantastically with the maximum concentration.

Prima looked good with his feet, but made all the mistakes. Tishchenko did what I wanted it to be, was accurate in shooting. It should be noted that I didn’t cook it on such a long distance he carried out the task in the mixed doubles, and there was a nice race.

By Vitaliy Kilchitska need to clarify what he started in the last group when the track was broken. It was his first race after an eighteen month break, so I think that he also did the work very cool.

I want to say to all the guys thank you very much, because after yesterday’s cancelled race, I was afraid that the athletes will be upset, but they all stepped up today with good concentration, was physically ready.

Sprint will perform Dmitry Pidruchny, Sergey Semenov and pryma Artem and fourth, we will determine after speaking with Cilicicum and Tishchenko. See who feels better after a hard individual race,” said Sunetra comments in NTU.

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