SAP: Evidence against Manafort no

САП: Доказательств вины  Манафорта нет

By Paul Manafort

Signature of consultant no on the same page, “granary books,” ETC.

Signature of Manafort was not on one of the pages “granary books” of the Party of regions. And his fault is a PR-technology. That is hyped what consequence did not prove, and did so even before the investigation began.

About this on air of the program HARD with vlashchenko Nazar Golodnitsky, head of the specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office Deputy attorney General, commenting on the scandal with Paul Manafort getting money from the Party of regions, reports ZIK.

The guest of the program noted that an earlier case was in production for NABOO. “But we have no evidence of the involvement of Manafort is not produced. I’m just stating the facts. For Manafort there is no evidence,” said Holodnitsky.

Therefore, as noted by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office, “the Ledger” of “regionals” was sent for study in the office of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk.

“We believe that these records can prove the relationship of those individuals who are on the case. Therefore, it is so determined the jurisdiction,” stated Holodnitsky.

We will remind, earlier media reports said that Manafort received $1.2 million from the Party of regions.

Also, in may 2017, Bloomberg said that by Paul Manafort helped to pass in Parliament “Opposition bloc”.