Sarri: Chelsea can claim no more than the top 4 in the EPL

Mauricio Sarri called submarine territory war between Manchester city and Liverpool.

Coach Chelsea Mauricio Sarri was named the best club in Europe this season, and also said that “blue” in the current draw can qualify no higher than fourth place.

“I believe that now Manchester city is the best club in Europe. Guardiola is his third season in the Premier League – we need to reduce the gap. I don’t think that Chelsea will be champion of the Premier League. This season we can compete in no more than top 4. Of course, to win we can, but the Premier League is a territory war between Liverpool and Manchester city – Surry quoted by Reuters.

Currently Chelsea is in fourth place in the Premier League table, while Manchester city and Liverpool are tied for first place, but “red” has a match in hand.

Earlier it was reported that the Chelsea players unhappy with methods of Mauricio Sarri.

According to the materials: