Sarri: Chelsea will make me quit

Сарри: Челси заставит меня бросить курить

Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri intend to give up Smoking.

Coach Chelsea Maurizio Sarri told me how much nervous in the end of the first half in the match against Arsenal and wanted to smoke. So thinking about how to quit the habit for a couple of years.

According to the coach, the first 75 minutes of the match he enjoyed the game, then he really wanted to smoke.

“I need to quit Smoking. I guess I’ll quit for a year or two, and then again began to smoke”, – quotes Surrey Evening Standard.

Note that under the leadership of Surry, Chelsea started the Premier League with two victories.

Earlier it was reported that during the match Chelsea – Huddersfield Surry chewed goby from cigarettes.

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