Saunders: Sturridge needs to either work harder or leave Anfield

Сондерс: Старридж должен либо работать упорнее, либо покинуть Анфилд

Dani Sturridge

The ex-striker of Liverpool, the Welshman Dean Saunders believes that the Reds striker Englishman Daniel Sturridge works hard enough on ourselves to defend the colors of this club.

52-year-old believes that the level of his talent Dani Sturridge, the best Liverpool player, but in terms of dedication, there are big issues.

“I think the talent of Sturridge can be compared with Aguero. When he’s on form, he causes pain to many defenders. The question is that it almost always is not in form, injury prevented him.

The idea Klopp needs to put him in the squad but plays Firmino. Not wondered why? It’s very simple, when the team loses the ball, it does not so pressing as it does Firmino.

He has more talent than all the other players of Liverpool, but he does not fit into the model Klopp. The main postulate of the German specialist is that if you lose the ball, you immediately back. Position where you have to play Sturridge is “nine,” one of the most important positions on the field. Let’s say, for Klopp’s what makes Sturridge on the pitch – is not enough.

Again, Sturridge more talent than others, but if it will continue to work hard enough on yourself, in the end, it is “ask on exit” from the club,” said Saunders.

This season Dani Sturridge has played 10 matches in the Premier League, in which he gave four assists.

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