Savchenko about creating a “little”: a Desperate cry for help

Савченко о создании "Малороссии": Отчаянный крик о помощи

The People’s Deputy Hope Savchenko

The MP believes that people who live in the NPT, “not satisfied with the oppression of Russia”.

The statement on creation in the territory of the self-proclaimed DND new “state Ruthenia” is a cry for help of the inhabitants of these territories.

This was stated by the faction people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, the TV channel NewsOne.

“Here is the statement from the so-called DNR – it was a desperate cry for help, what words he would never have been called. We understand that people who remained there, just not satisfied with the oppression of Russia, despite the fact that they still stand with arms in the interests of Russia against Ukraine, despite the fact that there are people who kill us, we kill them,” – said Savchenko.

She believes that the power of Russia itself was not ready for the creation of “the Ukraine”. According to the MP, the conflict in the East of Ukraine – “is not a civil war. … It impaled war Ukraine Russia and the Kremlin’s power”. At the same time, Savchenko admitted that “this hybrid war”.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said about the establishment of a “state Ruthenia” with “capital” in Donetsk. DNR also announced the state “malorossky language.”

Ukrainian authorities and Western countries have reacted sharply to the statement Zakharchenko. And in Russia, believe that “little Russia” is not consistent with the Minsk process on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass.

In DND questioned the plan for “little”