Savchenko case is at the point when all the politicians – sister

Дело Савченко находится в точке, когда уже все решают политики, - сестра

A case filed by Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko is at the point when all the politicians, not the lawyers. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine,” said Nadezhda’s sister Vera Savchenko.
“The position of Hope (regarding her request for pardon – ed.) has long been known to the Kremlin. What mark said (about the belief of Hope to write a petition for pardon – ed.) says that he something they know he wants to show that he also had participation. This is done in vain, this is a political case, all politicians lawyers it is advisable just to keep quiet and let the flow of the procedure. It’s a shame that such statements are made, which do not correspond to reality,” she said.

Along with this Faith Savchenko said that today there was a meeting at the Ministry of foreign Affairs. “It was more informative meeting. Announced that it has transferred funds to the payment of the fine and so on. Passed statements by our President about Hope,” she said.

Coming home Hope by the end of this month, Vera Savchenko has refrained from forecasts. “It is known to those people who agrees about it. So I, like everyone, follow the statements and draw conclusions from the last one,” she said.

According to Vera Savchenko, the return of her sister in the Ukraine cannot be called exchange. “This exchange cannot be called exchange. Afanasiev and Soloshenko, too, our detainees, they were asked to write the application on pardon and Sentsov have suggested, there are plenty of shifts. And exchange this is not exactly an exchange. Can be any other scenarios,” she suggested.

Now, summed up Vera Savchenko, the Hope of rests, although her physical condition sister knows as of April.

As reported today by the attorney Savchenko mark Feigin said that tried to persuade Savchenko to write a petition for pardon, but Savchenko refused.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised to make every effort to ensure that Savchenko is back in Ukraine by the end of this month.