Savchenko denies consent to “representation” LDNR in Kiev

Савченко отрицает согласие на "представительство" ЛДНР в Киеве

The journalists put together a video, said the MP.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko denies that he agreed in conversation with journalists posing as representatives of the separatists, to open in Kiev a “representation” of the breakaway LC and the DNI.

She said Savchenko radio Donbass.Realities, journalists love to do cuts, and she, on the contrary, said that there could be an official mission, which officially does not exist.

At the meeting, according to the MP, it was about creating a “press center”.

“I said if you want to be heard, you can start talking. Let’s make this project even begin to speak children. You record the transfer at home, Ukraine at home. You twist the there we is here,” announced its version of the conversation Savchenko.

Earlier, the journalists called Savchenko, posing as “wise men”. At that meeting, the Deputy proposed to open in Kiev “representation LDNR” under the guise of a cultural center. Savchenko said that legally it can be done, however, she knows someone who will help with this project.

Savchenko was questioned at a meeting with leaders of LDNR