Savchenko first visited the Verkhovna Rada

Савченко впервые посетила Верховную Раду

Savchenko near the Parliament

Journalists showed how Savchenko holds a second day free.

The people’s Deputy from Batkivshchyna Hope Savchenko, on the second day after his release, he conducted the first business meeting in committees of the Verkhovna Rada, according to the Country.

After arriving in Ukraine on 25 may, the Hope, along with her younger sister Faith went to the apartment on troyeschina in Kiev, where they are registered.

It was the little sister are now taking care of Savchenko, carries her everywhere and does not depart a single step. On the occasion of liberation to visit them came from the city a good friend of Hope – Irina Yuzik.

Today, close to lunch, the girls went in the restaurant complex, which located on the lake near their 16-etazhki. The company was a friend from Lviv Irina Yuzik and Oleg Mezentsev, parliamentary assistant Savchenko, the newspaper reports.

After the restaurant company traveled to the center of the city, where Hope Savchenko had a business meeting in committees of the Verkhovna Rada.

From an interview with the pilot refused and invited journalists to his press conference, to be held on Friday at 11:00 and the small hall of the Palace of culture “Ukraine”.

We will remind, on may 25, there was an exchange of special forces of the Russian Federation and Erofeeva Alexandrov on the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, imprisoned in Russia.

Savchenko was pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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