Savchenko: I’m free

Савченко: Я на свободе

Savchenko is back in Ukraine

Savchenko has acted in “Borispol” with a small handle and went to the presidential administration.

At the airport “Borispol” Hope Savchenko thanked all those who contributed to her release and asked for forgiveness from the parents whose children never returned from the ATO, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“I want to say thank you to those who wished me well, because thanks to you I survived. I want to thank those who wished me evil, for in spite of you I survived. I want to say thank you to those who have been indifferent for not interfere. Thank you everyone,” she said on arrival in Ukraine.

“I want to apologize to parents whose children have not returned from the ATO, and I’m still alive. I want to apologize to all the mothers whose children sit in captivity, and I am free. I can’t bring back the dead, but I’m ready once again to put his life on the battlefield, and I will do everything to ensure that every person who sits in captivity, was on the loose,” said Savchenko.

The return of Savchenko to Ukraine. Online

In addition, she believes that the heroes of Ukraine should not die “is very beneficial when heroes dead and alive, all bad.”

As reported a few minutes earlier Savchenko is back in Ukraine after almost two years of imprisonment in Russia.

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