Savchenko: I’m not asking Poroshenko to release criminals, I ask him to take our patriots

Савченко: Я не прошу Порошенко отпустить преступников, я прошу его забрать наших патриотов

Nadezhda Savchenko at the meeting of Parliament, archival photo

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko said that it was not asking President Petro Poroshenko to release criminals, but asks him to pick up the patriots.

About it she wrote on the page in Facebook.

“I’m not asking Poroshenko to put down the criminals, I ask him to take our patriots. If he succeeds, not giving criminals, then good. But if you have to give them, let them do it! The main thing that our patriots were on the loose!”, – wrote Savchenko.

Recall that in “DNR” refused to give the hostages in response to the Ukrainian gesture of goodwill. Take 15 of “their” unilaterally in ORDA agree.

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