Savchenko: In the NPT came as a result of the operation

Савченко: В ДНР попала в результате спецоперации

The MP said that the line of demarcation crossed without Vladimir Ruban.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko said on air of 112 Ukraine that the crossing of the demarcation line during her visit to the occupied Donetsk was a planned special operation.

“We have no holes in the front line, if there is no order from above. Well we are serving our boys and commanders, and if I was there − so it must have been such an operation,” − said Savchenko.

She also added that the boundary line crossed without the head of the Central release of prisoners the Officer corps of Vladimir Ruban.

“He crossed the line of demarcation on the machine. I was with him was not” − said the MP.

However, she refused to disclose the details of this operation, stating that “the RAID on that and are special operations, because it is not disclosed, either before or after” their performances.

As reported Корреспондент.net24 February Savchenko visited Donetsk, where he met with Ukrainian prisoners of war.

After the visit she published a list of Ukrainian prisoners, which visited the prisons of Donetsk.

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