Savchenko lucky “is not exactly in jail” – sister

Савченко повезут "точно не в СИЗО" - сестра

In “Borispol” waiting for the arrival of Savchenko

If Savchenko was driven to the insulator, then there will come to the volunteer battalions, said Faith.

Sister Hopes Savchenko Faith does not know where to take her sister after arriving at the airport, but I’m sure it will not be jail. She stated this at the airport “Borispol”, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“I don’t know where it will carry, but certainly not in jail. Because if it’s gonna go to jail, come here volunteer battalions”, – said Vera Savchenko.

Responding to a question about how she evaluates some surprise and a certain “mystery” solution to the question about the release of sisters, Faith said, “the presidential Administration has repeatedly said, and did not happen, this time they decided not to, but it was known in advance”.

“This is the work of our hands, all of us: you, journalists, who kept the degree in the case, and people who constantly demanded, and those of us who have traveled around the world, and, of course, of the President Poroshenko. And we’ll hear soon that we’ll tell,” said sister Savchenko.

The return of Savchenko to Ukraine. Online

On the question of whether signed Savchenko a petition for clemency, the sister replied that “this information is not worth attention”.

Earlier it was reported that the plane with the Hope Savchenko landed in Ukraine to Rostov-on-don. His arrival at the airport “Borispol” closer to 15:00. Later the President Petro Poroshenko intends to make a statement.

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