Savchenko proposed to be closed from the RF field of a Tesla

Савченко предложила закрыться от РФ полем Теслы

Savchenko suggested that the wall of the electric field

The MP criticized the “Wall Yatsenyuk” and announced its own version.

The TV channel NewsOne Hope Savchenko commented on the slowdown in the construction of the project “the wall” on the border with Russia. The MP urged to learn “more modern methods” of defense against the enemy and offered their “version” of protection.

“Let’s find methods are not of such walls, which are inefficient, especially so light, made of twigs of the wall, we see the “wall of Yatsenyuk”… Let’s go to the world of new technology and to invent new walls”, – said the Deputy.

The best solution Savchenko called sozdanie wall of an electric field.

“Let us remember him, let us remember that the earth is a conductor that you can put two pins on the meter lands, and through them conduct electricity. Let’s have to wall walk, let’s have war space rockets, I don’t know, space ships,” she said.

Earlier, the NAB had arrested six suspects in the theft of money on the Wall.

The media learned who was arrested on suspicion of the project Wall