Savchenko received the documents for the extradition

Савченко получила документы для экстрадиции

The health condition of Nadiya Savchenko normal, but there is a problem with swelling feet.

Convicted in Russia Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadezhda Savchenko got to fill in the documents necessary for an extradition to Ukraine. This was reported by sister pilots, Faith, the Agency Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday evening, April 27, after a date with his sister.

She also did not rule out that there are fears that the documents to be transported.

“According to Nadia, she signs the documents, she was given to fill out paperwork. Prison chief (the head of the detention center in Novocherkassk, Alexander Kalganov – ed.) said that this extradition. But the Nadia jokes that it could be a phase… Nadia Russia cheated. For example, when she was kidnapped and sent to Russia, she Kalganov said, “Well, write a statement that tomorrow you were given (the FAQ) that without documents,” said Vera Savchenko.

According to her, the health sisters are normal, the mood is good. Hope can already eat normal food, but there is a problem with the legs (edema).

At the same time the lawyer Ukrainian pilots mark Feigin did not rule out that his client has indeed received the documents required for procedures for the transfer of her Home.

“I’m 7 April took the statement of Nadiya Savchenko that she agreed to transfer her to serve their sentence in Ukraine. The procedure she had to transfer the documents to fill out,” – said Feigin.

Poroshenko said that he agreed on Savchenko

According to him, on Friday, April 29, his colleague Nikolai Polozov will visit Savchenko in the detention center of Novocherkassk, where together with her will fill these securities. The lawyer noted that the procedure of transfer of Savchenko will take several months.

“It’s a longer way than a pardon, which can happen in one day, and we insisted on a pardon,” – said Feigin.

Another lawyer pilots Ilya Novikov predicts that his client is already in the second half of may will be able to return to Ukraine.

“Vira Savchenko see your sister, Hope she is feeling better. She was given to complete the paper, they say, to prepare for the direction in Ukraine. I can’t 100% confirm this, of securities themselves we have not yet seen, but overall it seems to be true. It seems that the agreement between the presidents Poroshenko and Putin, announced a week ago, are executed. There’s a chance that Hope will be home for the second half of may,” wrote Novikov in Facebook on Wednesday evening.

As reported the, 20 April, the Ministry of justice of Russia received from the Ministry of justice of Ukraine the request to provide the documents necessary to transfer Savchenko Kiev for further punishment.

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