Savchenko talks with the militants are not a criminal offence – wolf

Переговоры Савченко с боевиками не являются уголовным правонарушением, - Вовк

Expert on issues of national security Vasily Vovk

In the negotiations of the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko with the militants “LNR” and “DNR” there are no criminal offences. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the General-the major of SBU, an expert on national security Vasily Vovk.

“If such actions were no offences, especially criminal, in its actions there is. She has a right to travel on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with established rules. In her political otvetstvennostiyu make the decision or the party in which it is composed, or the fraction that it represents, or the whole Parliament,” – said Vovk.

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According to Vasyl Vovk, Ukraine has to buy the fighters of their hostages.

“The format of the Minsk meetings, I have met separately in the Smoking room with representatives of terrorist organizations, and I can say that one of the formats release our hostages, that’s their redemption. Have the right to it by their parents, relatives, friends. So I would advise you to consider this question as possible and get those pennies, given our offshore wealth, our representatives in government, $ 5 million. and to buy 100-200 of our hostages. It is possible,” he added.

Earlier, media reported that Savchenko in Minsk met secretly with the leaders of the “DNR” and “LNR”. SBU on the plans Savchenko was not known.