Savchenko: the return of Ukrainian political prisoners to demand the Russian Federation under the Minsk process

Савченко: Возвращения украинских политзаключенных нужно требовать у РФ не по Минскому процессу

Hope Savchenko in the air “112 Ukraine”. 27.12.2016

The return of the Ukrainian political prisoners in the Russian Federation need to demand not according to the Minsk process, but simply to demand. This was in the “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko.

“That to demand from Russia in the Minsk process of the return of our Ukrainian political prisoners. Where is there in Minsk (the agreement – ed.) says that Russia agreed that the political prisoners are on the exchange of all for all? Just no. Russia has expelled those people, who are hostages in Russia of the Minsk process. So I don’t know why the foreign Ministry dragged the Minsk process. The Minsk process applies only to the occupied territories of Donbass, but Crimea is not Russia”, – said Savchenko.

He added: “They need to demand and not according to the Minsk process “all for all”, you just have to demand that from the enemy, the return of our people. Without any process. So it was my return, I walked along the Minsk process”.

Related news: the Number of political prisoners of Ukrainians in Russia has increased and is at least 17 people.

We will remind, in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine are inclined to exchange prisoners according to the principle “all for all”.