Savchenko wrote a letter to Putin

Савченко написала Путину письмо

Nadezhda Savchenko wrote a letter to Putin

The MP appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to pardon the Ukrainian prisoners who are in Russian prisons.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko reiterated that wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he asked pardon of the Ukrainian prisoners. On Wednesday, June 13, reported the press service of the MP visit Savchenko in Facebook.

In the letter Savchenko addressed to “esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich” as “the authorized representative of the Ukrainian people” and as an officer of APU, who gave the oath to the Ukrainian people.

“An exceptional situation that has developed around the fate of my countrymen, who are now in prison of the Russian Federation, cannot make me appeal personally to You through an open letter with a sincere request to free the citizens of Ukraine by any legal way”, – said in the letter.

In his letter Savchenko stresses that have not committed crimes against the Russian Federation and never spoke to Putin asking for clemency. Savchenko claims the possible release of Ukrainian political prisoners “a gesture of goodwill, the head of the Russian Federation”.

“I ask You to make a decision to pardon and make this step to peace in the Ukrainian land, peace between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples and peace in the international relations of Russia and Ukraine and other countries of the civilized democratic society was possible that the Russian Federation is important, based on Your statements,” – says Savchenko.

“I am convinced that the Ukrainian and Russian peoples will live in peace,” said Savchenko.

It also applied to the letter a list of 66 names of prisoners whom she requests a release.



We will remind, a month ago, Savchenko has stated that he wrote a letter to Putin with a request to unblock the exchange of prisoners.


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