SBU Avakov said on the TV channel inter

В СБУ ответили Авакову по телеканалу Интер

The interior Minister believes that the inter TV channel is anti-state position

The Agency thanked for the reminder of the responsibilities of the SBU.

The security service of Ukraine expressed to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov thanks for the reminder of the content of the duties of the office to which she is “aggressively and professionally every day.” The corresponding position of the SBU on the Minister to investigate the activities of the management of inter TV channel in connection with “anti-state position” published on the website of law enforcement agencies.

“Given the circumstances of the SBU is not news. So, in 2016, in the framework of criminal proceedings, investigated the actions of the citizen “C” on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government and the rest of Ukraine. Currently, linguistic-psychological study of television programs, videos and other information sources with her statements and comments”, – is spoken in the comment of the SBU.

The Department stressed that if sufficient data about the reasonable suspicion of the citizen “With the” body of a pretrial investigation of SBU will take appropriate procedural decision.

Also in the secret service called for cooperation in a way determined by the legislation of Ukraine. “Facebook has no relations”, – said in comments.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Avakov is using his Facebook page addressed to the security Service with a request to investigate the activities of management of the inter TV channel in connection with “an antistate position”.