SBU bans Russian rapper entry to Ukraine

СБУ запретила российскому рэперу въезд в Украину

Rapper L One

L One banned three years to appear in Ukraine.

Russian rapper, acting under the pseudonym L One, was denied entry to Ukraine for three years. On Tuesday, December 27, in Facebook said the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, referring to the decision of the security Council of Ukraine (SBU).

The document says that the citizen of the Russian Federation Gorosei Levan Emzarovich (L One) made the decision to ban entry into Ukraine for a period of three years.

“Nobody has the right to illegally visit the Ukrainian Crimea, and especially if we are talking about the adherents of the “Russian world”, – wrote Parasyuk.

Earlier it was reported that Natasha Queen was denied entry to Ukraine.

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