SBU beat patrol in Sumy

Сотрудник СБУ избил патрульного в Сумах

Car Sbushnika stopped due to signs of intoxication. The security forces struck a patrol and ran home.

The night before in Sumy patrol police stopped the car at which wheel there was an employee of SBU. As reported by Sumy.Today, between men there was a conflict in which the security officer was hit in the eyes of the law and disappeared.

As head of the Sumy Right sector Sergey Suprun, the reason for stopping a car with a Sbushnik was the version of the driver signs of intoxication.

A member of the fight was the employee of the investigative Department of USBU in the Sumy region, Malimonenko. After he left the scene of the incident, the patrol tried to catch the intruder. It is reported that Sbushnik have time to get home and I locked myself in my apartment Kondratieff, 138. Patrol after a fight with a visor “fast”.

Press Secretary office of the patrol police in the Sumy region Oleg Sologub confirmed the injury patrol. According to him, auto Sbushnika was stopped on the street Gerasim Kondratyev in the area of the monument to the Afghans. The driver had signs of intoxication, but instead passing the examination, he hit the patrol.

As reported a press-the Secretary of management of SBU in the Sumy region Olesya Raputa, the information is checked and if it is determined that it is indeed the employee of SBU, and he is involved in illegal actions, “is the appropriate response under the law”.

The scene is now head of patrol police Alexei Kalyuzhny, a police patrol car Toyota Prius and a dozen police officers.

Driving documents Sbushnika remained with the patrol, and they are now transferring their employees GUNP in the Sumy region.

Recall, October 15, in Kiev there was a large-scale brawl with a stabbing.

It was also reported that in Kiev at the metro station of the Forest there was a fight with the shooting.


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