SBU came to search for Elena Berezhnaya and her colleagues

СБУ пришла с обысками к Елене Бережной и ее соратникам

Elena Berezhnaya was closed in the apartment and not let the staff of SBU

Thus the security forces are trying to disrupt the rally at the monument to Vatutin in connection with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from the Nazis, said Berezhnaya.

The apartment of the famous human rights activist Yelena Berezhnaya on Tuesday, November 6, came to SBU. She announced the Country.

“In the flat clatter of SBU!”, – said gentle.

She also reported that today at 11:00 was the scheduled rally and laying flowers to the monument to Vatutin in connection with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from the Nazis.

According to gentle, the searches, the SBU go and her associates who also wanted to participate in the event.

“So they want to disrupt the rally at the monument to Vatutin. But he still will be – there will come the veterans,” said gentle. She is the door to the employees of the SBU does not open and awaiting the arrival of lawyers.

Meanwhile, the channel Newsone was shown how to operate the security forces.

“Held actions are completely legal. We have some reasons to have the decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev, and we will try to conduct the search, but said person refuses to open the door,” said one of the representatives of the security services.

As reported by Gordon, in Kiev the staff of SBU blocked the office of the lawyer and ex-Deputy head of KCSA Irena Kilchytska.

“I’ve been in this office almost never happens. The secretaries here are schedule for children. No business here is not conducted. This morning SBU burst into the office. Five people carry out a search. They do not let anyone not released,” – said Kilchytska.

According to her, the security officers are looking for evidence of separatist activity mother died in a car accident former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Irina Berezhnaya.

“They think Elena Berezhnaya – the deceased mother of Iryna Berezhna, who was my friend, and here engaged in separatist activities,” – said the lawyer.

In addition, according to reports in social networks searches in the same case are and the policy Vasily Volga.

We will remind, Elena Gentle detained during a protest Immortal regiment in Kyiv on 9 may. And on June 1 it in his own apartment in the presence of police officers poured green paint.


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