SBU faked the murder of the Deputy in the Donetsk region

СБУ инсценировала убийство депутата в Донецкой области

Detention in Pokrovsk

Detained criminal authorities, who prepared the assassination and the explosion in Pokrovsk.

The security Service officers jointly with prosecutors prevented custom-made murder of the Deputy of city Council of Pokrovsk (formerly Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsk region), simulating the death of the Deputy.

As the press center of the SBU, on may 23, the staff of intelligence service staged the death of a Deputy, and then documented phone records of the contractor, the customer with the “results” of “murder”.

Subsequently, in the Dnipropetrovsk region and in Pokrovsk the operatives of the intelligence agencies conducted simultaneous arrest of two criminal authorities – customer and partner’s attempt.

During the search the police seized in the apartment of relatives of the customer’s hunting rifle, a large quantity of cartridges of various calibre and two grenades RGD-5.

The pretrial investigation established the fact of training the attackers of kidnapping to extort money for their release, as well as the intention to commit an explosion in the center of Pokrovsk, other crimes aimed at the redistribution of spheres of influence in Pokrovsk.

The criminal proceedings are opened, the attackers taken into custody.

Earlier, the militiamen made a re-enactment of the murder of human rights activist Aleksandr Pogorelov in Odessa.