SBU has accused the stock exchange in the laundering of UAH 100 million

СБУ обвинила фондовые биржи в отмывании 100 млн грн

The SBU commented on the searches in the stock companies

The security service of Ukraine has accused the stock exchange and traders of government bonds in the laundering of more than 100 million UAH.

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine have documented the laundering of income obtained by illegal means through the use of a number of Ukrainian stock exchanges. On Thursday, October 11, the press center of the SBU.

In particular, the operatives of the intelligence service established that for 2017-18 years the officials of the exchanges through a series of controlled securities dealers, representatives of the banking institutions organized mechanism of money laundering and withdrawal of funds abroad.

According to the SBU, the transactions were carried out with the use of controlled non-residents through the purchase of bonds of internal state loan (government bonds) in so-called “group report”.

“According to the developed scheme, the dealers in the absence of control by the exchanges carried out within a short time period the alleged financial transaction of the purchase and sale of government bonds by regulated traders. Operations were carried out in the interests of individuals in such illegal way received legalized income, which, moreover, according to the law, is not subject to tax. The total amount of legalized criminals is more than 100 million hryvnia,” – said in the message.

It is noted that in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings are continued authorized investigative actions in the offices of stock exchanges and the places of residence of their individual officers.

Earlier it became known that the SBU on Thursday, October 11, conducts searches and seizure of documents in a number of companies operating in the stock market.

On the eve of the capital’s office IT and financial companies Moneyveo the employees of the security Service of Ukraine and Prosecutor’s office of Kiev was searched.

Soon the SBU explained that it searched the office of one of the private credit institutions in the framework of the investigation of unauthorized use of personal data of citizens of Ukraine.

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