SBU has calculated how many Serbs fighting on the side of the separatists

В СБУ подсчитали, сколько сербов воюет на стороне сепаратистов

The security service of Ukraine transferred to Belgrade by the names of 103 of the Serbs, who are fighting in the Donbass on the side of illegal armed groups.

The security service of Ukraine handed over to the Serbian side 23 of the names of the Serbs who take part in the fighting in the East of Ukraine in the part of the separatists, but the official responses of Belgrade has not yet been reported. This was stated by the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

“As for the Serbian side, I want to note that starting in October 2017, we gave them the names of 103 of the Serbs who participated in the armed conflict in the East of our country”, – said Hrytsak.

According to him, two days ago, the SBU handed over to the Serbian side an additional 23 names of Serbs (included in 103 the submitted names), which, according to Ukrainian security services take part in the fighting in the East, and, in particular, are members of PMCs (Private military companies – ed.) Wagner.

“Unfortunately, while we have no information about any official response, but I want to emphasize that among the 103 people there’s a Serb, which in 2004-2005 was picking on the territory of Ukraine accomplices to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of one of the countries of the European Union, and his name we also gave the Serbs” – said the head of the SBU.

We will remind, in the summer the Prosecutor General’s office stated that in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions since 2014, illegal armed groups involved 84 of the foreigner.