SBU has confirmed the transition of the separatist in Ukraine

СБУ подтвердила переход сепаратистки на сторону Украины

Svetlana Druk Callsign Breeze has moved to the side of Ukraine

In SBU confirmed the fact of withdrawal on the territory under the control of Ukraine’s separatist-Svetlana Druk Callsign Breeze.

The security service of Ukraine confirmed the fact of withdrawal on the controlled territory of Ukraine at the Donbass separatist Svetlana Druk, “the chief of staff of tank battalion 11 omsp 1 AK NM “DNR”,” Callsign is a Breeze. On Monday, March 4, the press center of the SBU.

In particular, it is indicated that the transition was the final stage of a lengthy operation of counterintelligence of SBU, which “has provided important materials for the leadership of regular officers of the armed forces and employees of the Russian special services in organizing terrorist activities in the Donbas.”

“SBU provided additional information about the organizational structure and staffing of the units of the IAF, the quantitative composition of military equipment and fighting positions, places of storage of fuels and lubricants, ammunition and heavy weapons, which is constantly supplied from Russia”, – stated in the message.

As explained in the secret service, in fact, the whole operation took place in conditions of a severe counterintelligence regime, the FSB on non-government-controlled territory, which demanded that the SBU unprecedented level of secrecy.

Now this fact pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

In turn, the “DNR” claim that the Druk has been kidnapped.

“The enemy managed to steal Druk Svetlana, who at the beginning of the year, was dismissed from the ranks of the “militia “DNR”,” at own will in connection with health deterioration,” said the separatists.

According to them, after the dismissal of a woman left with children to Moldova to visit relatives, where she and was detained by the SBU during the RAID and then allegedly transported to Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the separatist “DNR” Svetlana Druk moved to the side of Ukraine and brought from the Donbass important evidence.

As reported last week in the Donbass, the border guards detained the separatist, who were involved in the crash of the Boeing MH17.

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