SBU has prepared a ban on the entry Samoilova

СБУ подготовила запрет на въезд Самойловой

Julia Samoylova

Singer accused of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine in 2015.

The security service of Ukraine has prepared a decision to ban the entry of the participant of Eurovision from 2017 Russia Yulia Samoilova. This was announced by the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak at a briefing on Monday, March 20.

“The document on a ban of entrance prepared”, – said Hrytsak reporters, responding to a question.

Than Kiev did not like the Russian Eurovision

Earlier information about Samoilova was registered in the database of website a Peacemaker for the visit to Crimea after annexation. In addition to the database of the Peacemaker website has information on wife Samoilova, Alexei RAM. He was also charged with unlawful crossing of the state border of Ukraine in 2015.

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