SBU: In the capture of the Luhansk regional state administration was attended by students-the Russians

СБУ: В захвате Луганской ОГА принимали участие студенты-россияне

In the seizure of the Luhansk regional state administration was attended by students

In separatist activities and in the capture of the regional administration was seen 3.5 thousand students of universities of Lugansk.

In the capture of the Lugansk regional state administration in March 2014 was attended by about 3.5 thousand Russians – the students of Lugansk universities. This was during the interrogation in the Starobelsk district court in Luhansk region on Wednesday, 15 November, said former Deputy chief of regional management of security Service of Ukraine Andrey Girod, transmit Ukrainian news.

Ex-Deputy head of the SBU reported the circumstances of the organization of the Russian special services of the separatist rallies in Luhansk region in March-April 2014.

“Russian intelligence agencies for many years have created a network of agents in the Luhansk region”, – he said.

In particular, the Russian intelligence services operated under the guise of veteran organizations and clubs of historical reconstruction.

In addition, he noted that secessionist activities in the seizure of regional administration was attended by students of universities of Lugansk – the citizens of Russia.

“About 3.5 thousand students from Russia in Lugansk, who studied on a paid basis, took part in those events,” – said Girod.

He also said that the seizure of the Luhansk regional administration occurred in connection with the fact that the police has not received commands to counter the separatists.

It is reported that in 2014, Pro-Russian activists in Luhansk seized the regional state administration. Protesters broke into the office of the head of the regional administration Mikhail bolotskykh and forced him to write a letter of resignation. It was read to the protesters.

These events were preceded by a skirmish between Pro-Russian activists and activists of Lugansk Euromaidan, who held a rally near the monument to Shevchenko. The flagpole was removed the Ukrainian flag and instead raised the Russian flag.