SBU is closely monitoring the situation in Odessa on the eve of the commemorative events, – Tandit

СБУ внимательно следит за ситуацией в Одессе накануне проведения памятных мероприятий, – Тандит

The security service of Ukraine is closely monitoring the situation in Odessa on the eve of the commemorative events on the Kulikovo field, which can hold 1-10 may. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said Advisor to the head of the SBU Yuriy Tandit.

Answering the question, are there in Odessa any destabilizing event, Tandit said: “SBU is closely monitoring what is happening there (in Odessa – ed.). Strengthened operational component. A large group of specialists went there in advance. Work in different areas professionals. We are in full contact with the interior Ministry. Yesterday talked on this subject with the Zoryan Shkiriak, through various channels of information delivery, we monitor events that are there”.

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Earlier, adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak declared that if, during the commemorative events in Odessa will appear armed provocateurs will shoot to kill.

Earlier, the Odessa district administrative court satisfied the claim of the Executive Committee of the Odessa city Council about a ban of holding mass events on the Kulikovo field in the period from 1 to may 10.

The Executive Committee demanded to forbid these days to spend on the Kulikovo field meetings, demonstrations and other peaceful actions, dedicated to the memory of those killed on may 2, as well as other activities.

The Executive Committee argued that the holding of such shares is unsafe, so as “to attract the attention of a large number of radical individuals who have the opposite of citizenship”.

The only organization of the “Automaidan-Odesa” reported that plans these days to spend on the Kulikovo field of military-Patriotic education of youth, during which wishes to use MMG (models the weight and size of the weapons) and fireworks. The court has forbidden the organization to use during the campaign, MMG and pyrotechnics.