SBU: ISIL recruiting foreign students in Kharkiv

СБУ: ИГИЛ вербует иностранных студентов в Харькове

The ideologues of ISIS trying to recruit foreign students in Kharkiv

Also in the region there have been attempts to renew the subversive and terrorist activities.

In Kharkiv region there is a new element of threat to the national security of Ukraine by supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, said the head of Department of SBU in the area of Alexander Brewer.

“I take the training in local institutions of higher education of a significant number of foreign students, immigrants from countries of the Muslim world, ISIS ideologues have resorted to recruiting foreign students as potential terrorists,” said Brewer, speaking at a meeting of the Council for regional development on Wednesday.

He also noted that in the region there have been attempts, with the support of the Russian side to resume subversive activities of organized groups of Ukrainians.

According to the Brewer, since the beginning of the year USBU in the Kharkov area eliminated two sabotage and reconnaissance groups tried to commit bombings on the railway in Lozova and raisins.

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