SBU told about the “unprecedented in the history of Ukraine” operations

СБУ рассказала о "беспрецедентной в истории Украины" операции

In the SBU called the operation unprecedented in the history of Ukraine

Intelligence officers the day conducted 80 searches in four regions of Ukraine and arrested 20 representatives of major drug ring.

The security service of Ukraine exposed the Ukrainian a continuation of the Russian drug ring “Khimprom”. It on a press-conferences on Thursday, March 21, said the head of one of departments of the Prosecutor General Sergei Kyz and the first Deputy head of SBU Paul Demchina, reports

According to them, this organization operated on the territory of Ukraine since at least 2014. Drugs, mostly synthetic, sold for the cryptocurrency. The proceeds were legalized including construction, trade, restaurant business. According to preliminary estimates, the annual turnover of this criminal organization tens of millions of dollars.

“Today, at four in the morning on the territory of Kiev, Kyiv region, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa regions were conducted over 100 investigative actions, including more than 80 searches,” – said Kuz.

Detained about 20 representatives of the elite criminal gang, but the illegal activity had attracted more than a thousand people. A small number of organizers managed to flee abroad.

The development of the drug was conducted about a year.

“With regard to this organization. She was once called “Khimprom”, was established by citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation. After 17 year, was mass arrests such members of the group, its leaders left outside the Russian Federation, was reorganized and began his criminal activities in Ukraine”, – said damkina.

“To be clear, what was the discipline in this organization will tell you the following: individual members of a criminal organization today, no fingers. Any violation of the rules of conspiracy, unauthorized contact, use of private mobile phones at work places were visited by specially trained people just cut off his fingers. Such is the situation,” he added.

Demchina stressed that the analogues of today’s operation in the history of Ukraine was not.

We will remind, yesterday in the port Yuzhny (Odessa region) was detained almost a record for Ukraine, the party of cocaine – 257 kg. It is the second largest party detained in the country for years of independence. The record was set in 2010, when in the port of Odessa detained with 1.2 tons of cocaine.

Earlier today it was reported that in Kiev stopped the largest in the history of Ukraine the drug lab for the production of psychotropic substances.

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