SBU: Video “defendant Babchenko” – fake

СБУ: Видео "фигуранта дела Бабченко" - фейк

SBU is not going to verify the identity of the man in the video

The speaker of the SBU recognized that the man in the video is similar to Pivovarnik, but to identify it you need expertise, which is to not be.

In the SBU said that the video of Vyacheslav Pivovarnik in the case Babchenko is a fake. About it the Ukrainian truth Thursday, September 13, reported the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

“It’s a fake. People from the territory of the Russian Federation declares that he is the agent of the SBU. You there’s nothing tempting? This is fake, totally untrue”, she said.

To the question whether a person recorded in the video, do Pivovarnik, who pointed out accused of arranging a “murder” Babchenko Boris Herman, Gitlyanskaya said, “I can not identify. I think that in order to speak, the real is unreal, it is necessary to conduct some examination. But I can tell you that what this man says, like Pivovarnya – not true.”

On the question of whether such examination is held, the press Secretary of the SBU said, “Why conduct the examination of a fake video with fake quotes?”

As reported, an unknown man had earlier published a video in which he declared that he is involved in the case Babchenko, but also an agent of the SBU involved in a special operation to simulate the murder of a journalist.

Earlier, the organizer of the attempt on the journalist Boris Herman was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment.


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